The All New Track Stack

Ace Liftaway invest in all new Track Stack to aid in the efficient handling and stock piling of processed products.

Ace Liftaway are always in pursuit of new advanced methods of increasing efficiency on their site. Their latest investment, delivered in early September on Demo, will be used to clear material away from the mid-sized conveyor, on the Finlay 883+ screening operation. The all new Track Stack will stop the need for a second JS 220 Excavator, which in turn will save the labour and fuel cost associated with this machine.

Manufactured in Northern Ireland by Track Stack UK, this innovative machine will be multi-use; as well as its ability to work on the screening operation, it will also be transferring materials around Ace Liftaway’s 15 acre site reducing the need for double handling.

Ace Liftaway have invested £80,000 in this piece of machinery, which is highly manoeuvrable on all ground conditions and complete with its own hydraulic pack and tracks.