Skip Loader on Air

IMG 04082

Adam’s Morey sell their first Skip Loader specifying air suspension, to waste Management Recycling Company Ace Liftaway.

DAF Trucks, with their Air Suspension, now have the benefit of being classed as road-friendly. They are designed in such a way that it takes the initial impact out of the contact between vehicle and road.

The benefit for Romsey Based Ace Liftaway, is that the drivers have a safer, more comfortable ride, as well as being equipped with a rapid self-levelling system which can accommodate for contours or cambers in the road network. Investing in these vehicles has also reduced Ace Liftaway’s maintenance costs on road spring bushes and springs.

The all new DAF Air Suspension is to be fitted on both 15 and 18 tonners, manufactured by Leyland Trucks in Preston, England. Ace Liftaway’s Managing Director, Philip Liddell, has invested in two 15 tonne skip loaders complete with rear air suspension, with an 18 tonne on order for 2017.