Ruben Joins the Team!!


Little Ruben Smart first “drove” a truck when his parents were having an extension and used Ace Liftaway to remove material from their house.  Having been told how much he loved trucks our driver waited to let him sit up in the cab.  His mum, Claire, wrote on Face book how much Ruben likes trucks and what a smile it had brought to his face so MD, Philip Liddell, arranged for him and his parents to visit our site at Yokesford Hill, Romsey to see lots of our trucks and JCBs up close.

On Saturday 14 January Ruben arrived for work with his parents, was given his own PPE and taken to work.  Transport Manager, Gordon Harrison, took Ruben up into a 32t tipper, Ruben proved a natural with the horn, beeping many times!

Next they moved on to the company 32t hook loader, Ruben already a natural with the horn pulled the cord for the air horn.  Gaining in confidence he moved on to operate the indicators and wind screen wipers.  Our 26t compaction truck was next, followed by a skip truck and then our 44t tractor unit.  Ruben showed of his new found skills in all vehicles just like a pro.

Sam Batchelor from our Recycling Department came down to meet Ruben, Claire and Andrew in our big yellow dump truck, this time taking dad and Ruben for a spin around the site.

Having mastered some of the machines and trucks operated by Ace Liftaway, there was one last vehicle for Ruben and his parents to try – our very own Fire Engine!   Recycling Manager, Russell Delves, drove the fire engine whilst Ruben spoke on the tannoy radio and operated the sirens.

It was a lovely day for the team at Ace Liftaway to see the enjoyment on the face of Ruben, maybe the next time Ruben is seen driving a truck it will be delivering to you!!