New Loading Shovel for Recycling


The JCB 437 was purchased to assist the production needs of the Recycling Department.  This is a versatile machine and with its 2.5 cubic metre bulk handling bucket is able to load at high capacity for more efficiency on loading times.

Due to the well thought out specification and weight distribution this machine is able to cover all aspects of materials being handled on site without the need to make any changes, cutting out the need for multiple machines.

The 437 runs with new Ad Blue technology and low fuel consumption.  The new design allows the body work over the engine bay to be hydraulically lifted to allow all maintenance to be conducted from the ground with ease.

State of the art computer technology allows the operator to conduct daily checks on oils, fuels etc via the ECU screen, the computer will also tell the operators if there is a problem and its location, again reducing maintenance time.

The JCB 437 will be working on Building 1 production, Building 3 pre sorting operations, loading out products and waste throughout the site.

Sam Batchelor has been undergoing training on the 436EHT and proved successful.  He will be taking the seat in this latest addition to the fleet to complete his training.