Huge Thanks from Meningitis NOW

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Ace Liftaway recently received thanks from Meningitis NOW for their recent efforts in raising money for the charity.

In 2013 Ace took on the Romsey Relay Marathon and raised over £700 for CLAPA (Cleft Lip & Palate Association) a charity that helped a member of staff throughout his child and adult life. This year, 10 members of staff opted to take part once again. Raising funds for Leukaemia Busters, Meningitis NOW and the Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Fight Fund. (Details below)

The event took place on 17th April at Broadlands, Romsey where each member of our team completed two laps of a 1.3m circuit, totalling 2.6m each or 26 miles altogether. The team was made up of males and females of varying ages and abilities, who raised a very respectable £903 for the below charities.

Meningitis NOW – Recycling Co-Ordinator and participant, Helen Liddell, fell ill last year and was diagnosed with Bacterial Meningitis. She said “I urge those who haven’t already to get vaccinated against Meningitis, college and university students are particularly at risk, the disease can strike quickly and the results aren’t always as positive as mine”.

Please click here to see what Meningitis NOW had to say.

Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy Fight Fund – Raising funds for the research and treatments of the muscle-wasting condition. Staff member and participant Nikki Van Geffen said “My friend and her daughter both suffer from Congenital Myotonic Dystrophy and I’d like to raise as much as possible to support the charity as well as raising awareness”.


Leukaemia Busters – Our Recycling Manager, Russell Delves, sadly lost his Father aged 51 to Leukaemia in 2009. He said “I can’t remember the last time I ran so it’s definitely going to be a challenge! But for three great causes, I couldn’t say no”.