“Asian Elephants: Just as Gorgeous as their African Cousins”


In December 2012, Ace Liftaway joined multiple other businesses who sponsor the World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Four years later, they have added the Asian Elephant to the growing list of endangered animals they wish to support.

The largest cat in the Americas, the Jaguar, and the most iconic ‘big cat’, the Tiger, are the two original species Ace Liftaway signed up to sponsor 4 years ago. The following year, in March 2013, the elegant Snow Leopard joined them.

This month, the company have sponsored a critically endangered, and hugely important species. The Asian Elephant. Described by the WWF as ‘just as gorgeous as their African cousins’, these animals are now restricted to just 15% of their original range, meaning they can no longer roam across most of Asia.