Ace Liftaway Prepares to Invest £4.5m


Ace Liftaway has submitted a Planning Application for a sustainable state-of-the-art washing and processing plant for inert waste. Managing Director, Philip Liddell, has been working on the project since 2016, the plant has been under design since 2018 and it represents a £4.5 million investment for their site at Yokesford Hill.

Ace Liftaway have partnered with CDE of Northern Ireland, the largest wash plant manufacturer in the world, who are also family owned. By placing this order with CDE, Ace Liftaway are safeguarding jobs across the supply chain and British steel mills will benefit from the vast tonnage of steel required for the plant.

The wash plant is unique in its design and will allow Ace Liftaway to truly recycle and reuse a material which has been seen in the past as waste. It will mean that the Romsey-based company will be able to produce quality materials such as sand, grit, 10mm, 20mm, 40mm and 75mm stone along with the recovery of ferrous and non-ferrous metals which would normally be buried and lost.

Ace Liftaway will be able to produce building materials for Hampshire which has a huge house-building undertaking at present and it will also create inert risings from all of these residential developments.

This investment in such technology is the future for the waste industry and will allow the long-term sustainability for Ace Liftaway, safeguarding 110 jobs and creating 4 new ones within Test Valley.