A Journey Through Our Cutting-Edge, Eco-Friendly Wash Plant in Romsey

At Ace Liftaway, we champion the ethos of 'waste not, want not', and our wash plant is a testament to that belief. The plant stands as a beacon of transformation, converting inert waste into valuable, reusable resources through a series of carefully coordinated processes.

Once the raw materials have been introduced into the system, they undergo a process of screening. This separates the aggregates by size, enabling us to meticulously categorise each particle based on its potential reuse applications.

Next, the material's journey into the washing stage. Here, they are purified, with contaminants such as dirt, clay, dust, and organic matter being completely washed away. This leaves us with clean, high-quality aggregates ready for the next phase.

The oversized material will be further processed into 6F5 or Type 1.

Following this, the materials are further classified and sorted using sophisticated techniques. With the aid of technologies like hydrocyclones and dewatering screens, we can precisely separate materials based on their specific physical properties such as density or particle size.

A crucial stage of our operation is water treatment. At Ace Liftaway, we are acutely aware of the importance of water preservation. Every drop of water used in our washing process is treated to remove solid particles and contaminants, before being carefully recycled back into the system. This circular water system greatly reduces our environmental footprint and underscores our dedication to sustainable practice.

Finally, the clean and processed aggregates are stockpiled, ready for transport and reintegration into the construction, landscaping, and various other industries, offering them a new lease of life.

In essence, our Romsey-based wash plant does much more than just 'processing material'. It breathes new life into materials, ensuring nothing goes to waste, and most importantly, it does so with the environment firmly in mind. By reusing and recycling in such an efficient way, we reduce the need for fresh quarrying and limit the use of raw materials, thereby preserving our natural environment.

At Ace Liftaway, we are proud to be a part of the circular economy, continually finding innovative ways to extract value from waste while upholding our green commitment. Through our wash plant, we demonstrate that waste management can be a solution, not a problem, in the global fight against environmental degradation.

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