Established in 1996 to complement our existing skip hire business

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Specialist and Hazardous Waste Disposal

The following is a small selection of items that are now classified as special or hazardous waste. We can arrange to remove any of these items at an additional cost, please enquire for a quotation.

  • Asbestos disposal
  • Fridge or Freezer disposal
  • Car Battery disposal
  • Oil disposal
  • Chemical disposal
  • Tyre disposal
  • Large Tree Root disposal
  • Plasterboard disposal
  • Electrical Equipment disposal

Asbestos Disposal

We use a 3rd party to deal with all of our asbestos – if you require a quotation please get in touch with one of the team on 01794 367939.

Plasterboard Disposal

Plasterboard is now classed as a specialist waste and cannot be sent to landfill. If you have old plasterboard this can be placed in a general waste skip where we segregate the material, however if you have new plasterboard this needs to be placed in a plasterboard only skip. The plasterboard material is then sent away for reprocessing, and is recycled. If you hold a waste carriers license you can tip plasterboard waste at our recycling facility.

WEEE – Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Disposal

All WEEE waste brought into our Recycling Facility is recycled. Items such as Fridges, Freezers, TV’s and Monitors are a chargeable item. All other WEEE items brought in are sent off for reprocessing.

Paint Tins and Mastic Tubes

We can also supply 205l open top steel drums with sealing lids for mastic tubes and paint tins, however the paint must be contained within their individual containers.