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Land Restoration

Restoration Works

Ace Liftaway can offer the complete Land Restoration Package, this involves obtaining consents from Local Authorities and the Environment Agency together with obtaining land surveying profiles.

Once the restoration project is agreed Ace Liftaway can provide heavy plant equipment to undertake the works. This is owned and operated by the company. The materials required for the restoration can be provided from our recycling centres, our products are WRAP Compliant materials and can be WAC (Waste Acceptance Criteria) tested and approved. The benefits of Land Restoration from low-level gravel extraction, former landfill sites and poor quality ground arising from commercial activity is that the land can be restored back to high-yielding grassland and recreational use or simply returning former quarries back to their natural condition creating a habitat for wildlife previously deprived.

Ace Liftaway have experience in various projects within the local community which now provides them with leisure facilities on previously unsuitable ground. We have also restored redundant gravel quarries back to agricultural and recreational use. In 2015 we returned former car-park and temporary office accommodation back to prime pasture land.

If you have ground which you feel would benefit from restoration contact us for a free, independent assessment of what we can do for you. Email us for a quote.