Site Waste Management Plan

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Site Waste Management Plans

On 1st April 2008 any new build over £300,00.00 became legally required to have a Site Waste Management Plan (SWMP). Each individual site must have a single person who is responsible for their SWMP. Any number of people can be involved in the preparation of the SWMP, however it must be a single person who is in charge and responsible for keeping the plan up to date throughout the duration of the project.

One of the most important steps in producing the SWMP is to identify the types and quantities of waste that you think you will produce for the site at the various different stages of the project. It is important to try and gauge how much waste will be produced and set targets for how much waste will be reused, recycled and disposed of.

Once this has been done Ace Liftaway is able to provide the expertise to manage your waste. We collect the waste from your site, bring it back to The Waste Centre at Yokesford Hill where the skip is weighed on our weighbridge. It is then tipped where the driver will carry out a visual inspection of the waste and estimate the different percentages of waste. This information is recorded on your system and reported back to the customer on a monthly basis, site specific, per bin, detailing how much of the waste has been successfully recycled. This report is a free of charge service offered by Ace Liftaway and can be completed for any of our customers.

This report is not only beneficial to find out how much is being recycled from your site but can be extremely useful when tendering for any future jobs.

An Ace Liftaway representative can also attend site to complete a tool box talk about Site Waste Management Plans.