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Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions (Waste Services)

  1. Customers Warranty:-
    -I confirm that I have fulfilled my duty to apply the waste hierarchy as required by regulation 12 of the Waste (England and Wales) Regulations 2011.
    -or that the required notice has been served under the provisions of Section 3(1) of the Act on required Authorities in the form required by section 3(2) of the Act covering the removal of each loaded container.
  2. Customers warrant that with respect to each container ordered to be placed other than on private property the permission of the Highway Authority has been duly obtained under Section 31 of the Highways Act 1971, and customers undertake that they will ensure that all conditions subject to which the aforesaid permission is granted shall be observed at all times and in particular will secure that the container will be properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.
  3. Customers requesting or ordering vehicles delivering or collecting containers to leave the public highway shall reimburse us in full respect of any loss, cost, claims, damages or expenses we may thereby sustain whether as a result of damage to the vehicles themselves or the property of customers or third parties.
  4. Customers shall reimburse us in respect of any loss or damage to the containers whilst on hire to them from whatsoever cause the same may arise (fair wear and tear expected)/ They shall also fully indemnify us in respect of any claims for such injury to person or property arising out of the use of the containers whilst on hire to them howsoever the same may be caused or arise.
  5. In addition to customers undertaking to observe at all times the conditions subject to which the permission of the Highway Authority is granted as foresaid (including in particular the provision of lamps and traffic cones) if containers are sited anywhere else where they are likely to be a contributory cause of damage or injury to third parties during the hours of darkness customers shall provide adequate warning light on the containers and they shall also ensure the safe loading of material into the containers.
  6. The skip must be loaded and level. Overloaded skips are dangerous and illegal aborted collections or exchanges will mean further charges.
  7. Once a skip has been positioned by the correct equipment, it should not be moved.
  8. Adequate notice must be given to the office for collection of skips.
  9. Customers will be responsible for any infrastructure damage of failure such as tarmac, concrete or block paviours however caused.
  10. All manhole covers and inspection covers are capable of supporting the vehicle.
  11. Please note we require a minimum of one foot or thirty centimetres working distance on each side of the vehicle.
  12. Any wasted trips will be charged at a minimum of £35 per visit.
  13. Any loss or damage to the containers will be charged for at the current market rate.
  14. No fires, a fire will distort the sides of the container causing damage beyond repair, in which case a full replacement cost at the current market value will apply.
  15. Overdue Accounts will be subject to a 5% surcharge per month.
  16. Waste within the container will remain the property and responsibility of the hirer until such times as it has been paid for, identified and disposed of under the terms and conditions.
  17. Maximum hire period is two weeks.  Website orders are automatically booked on for collection, however, any deliveries booked via telephone will need to call to confirm collection date.
  18. We reserve the right to collect all skips once the two week hire period has elapsed.
  19. If suspected asbestos is place in a skip, a test will be required to be carried out.  The costs of the test will be charged to the hire.
  20. If the material is confirmed as asbestos Hazardous Waste Disposal costs will apply.
  21. No invasive species of plant, such as Japanese Knotweed or any other specie, is permitted within disposal.  Any collection with suspected invasive plants will not be collected and no costs incurred by the hirer will be refunded.  Any subsequent costs incurred by Ace Liftaway as a result of a collection containing invasive species will be reclaimed from the hirer.
  22. Any damage must be reported to our office within 21 days, no claims will be accepted after this time.
  23. There are various items which cannot be placed in a general waste skip but can be collected at a chargeable rate:
    • Fridges, Freezers, Batteries, Pressurized Cylinders, Oils, Chemicals, Tyres, Tree roots, mattresses, TV'S and monitors.
    • New Plasterboard & Asbestos have to be placed in separated skips.
    • Upholstered furniture and items containing persistent organic pollutants (POPS*)
    • Please contact us for a quotation if you have any of these items.

*POPS items commonly include;

  • sofas
  • sofa beds
  • armchairs
  • kitchen and dining room chairs
  • stools and foot stools
  • home office chairs
  • futons
  • bean bags, floor and sofa cushions